Goal Setting

We Get You Focused on Your Goals

Setting and achieving goals is at the very heart of our coaching program. At the very beginning of our coaching relationship, we help you clearly define your primary objectives in the form of SMART goals.

With your primary objectives clearly defined, we then proceed to work on them in a strategic and systematic manner. Together we break it down into smaller goals, place them in order and proceed to work on each piece one at a time. As we move forward, we continually re-evaluate to make sure that we adapt to changing circumstances as they arise.

We’re Invested in Your Goals

To keep you focused and moving towards your goals, we offer extra incentives along the way. At the beginning of each month, we ask you to set one major SMART goal to achieve that month. If you achieve that goal by the end of the month, we will donate 10% of your coaching investment to a charitable organization of your choice. To symbolize our partnership in your advancement, 5% of the donation will go in your name and 5% in ours.  In this way, each month not only represents a new chance for you to achieve an important goal, but also a unique opportunity to celebrate your wins by giving back.


J.D. Strategist

Adam Kay