We provide consulting services to businesses who want to get the best returns on their investment in their people. With the use of the most advanced psychometric assessment tools available today (see Innermetrix Assessments by clicking here), we are able to give you a far more detailed picture of your employees’ natural talents, motivations and behavioural styles than you could otherwise ever know.  There are several practical applications for this:

1. Hiring: Before you make the decision to invest your time, effort, money and trust in somebody, we can give you a much better idea of whether and how they are (or are not) suited to the position you are considering them for.  If your candidate passes muster, you can hire them with the confidence and peace of mind that comes along with having done proper due diligence.  If, on the other hand, your candidate does not turn out to be as well qualified for the position as they otherwise appear to be, you can save yourself years of wasted time, effort and money training the wrong person for the job.  Whatever your decision, you will have a lengthy, detailed and objective report to back it up.

2. Training and Promotion: Before you decide to stake your money and reputation on training an employee, we can give you a clear picture of how you might best invest in them. Everybody has unique gifts and talents, yet some people are more naturally suited to some types of positions than others. There is no sense in training somebody in an area they are not well suited for. It is better to know what your employees’ natural talents are first, and then train and promote them in directions that capitalize on those talents. By working with us, you will get a much better idea of what your employees’ natural talents are, and how to train and promote them.

3. Performance Management: In order to develop proper incentive systems for your employees, you need to know what actually motivates them. And what really motivates them may well be something quite different than what they tell you or what you otherwise assume to be true. Many employers assume, for example, that their employees are motivated by money. This, however, is often not the case. Instead, some employees may be more motivated by public recognition, praise, altruism, work flexibility, or extra training. What’s certain, however, is that each employee is different and can be incentivized in a unique, powerful, and often minimally expensive way. By working with us, you can get a clear and precise picture of exactly what motivates (as well as de-motivates) each of your employees, and design a performance management system in a way that is sure to get them motivated.

4. Team Building: Putting strong teams together requires full consideration of everybody’s respective talents, skills, motivations, attitudes and behavioural styles. Like pieces of a larger puzzle, these all need to fit together before the picture is complete — before you have synergy. A team may be comprised of people with perfectly complimentary skills, but if their attitudes and behavioural styles clash, performance will suffer. Alternatively, a team may be made up of people with perfectly harmonious motivations and attitudes, but if their skills and talents don’t match, the team is unlikely to achieve it’s goals. By working with us, you can get a complete picture of all the relevant factors you need to know in order to assemble a maximally synergetic and high performance team that will make you look like a genius.


J.D. Strategist

Adam Kay