Innermetrix Assessments

Innermetrix is a leading business consulting firm that has developed the most advanced psychometric profiling and assessment technology available on the market today. It is used by many of the world’s leading organizations and institutions including Google, Microsoft, KPMG, Yale Law School, Charles Schwab, and the Anthony Robbins companies (to name only a few) to diagnose and enhance the performance of their best people.

Administering the Innermetrix profile can only be done by a Certified Innermetrix Consultant (CIC). Yet Innermetrix is extremely selective about who they certify to administer their products, so much so that there are only 1,500 CIC’s worldwide. We are very pleased to be one of the select few who are able to offer our clients the benefits of this powerful technology.

At the beginning of our coaching relationship, we will ask you to take a full Innermetrix Advanced Insights Assessment. And as a welcome gift when you start coaching with us, we will even give it to you for free.* This will give us unparalleled insight into your signature characteristics, values and core strengths. This will not only give you an unprecedented level of self-knowledge, but it will allow us to coach you more powerfully and effectively towards the achievement of your ultimate goals.


* The Innermetrix Assessment is free with a coaching investment of $495 per month.

J.D. Strategist

Adam Kay